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A survey is not scored.  The results of a survey may be statistically analyzed and used in research or feedback.  The results are usually tabulated and compiled to allow an organization the opportunity to obtain information from its internal or external employees or customers.  Individual and cumulative results are available.  To protect confidentiality, names need not be collected and the survey might only collect general demographic information. has a special confidential survey type that enhances respondent anonymity.

  • Benefits and Uses  Universities, corporations, health care systems all need to conduct research of various types.  This research usually requires the sending out by US Mail of thousands of paper surveys, hopefully receiving a good number back via US Mail and tabulating the results.  With the costs of creating and sending the surveys is minimized and the rate of return is much higher PLUS the added bonus of having the results/data available instantly!

    The survey is very versatile and the Internet connection can be encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for only twenty-five cents ($.25) per user.  This enables universities and corporations to conduct internal as well as external surveys (such as customers, prospective students, etc.) with speed, ease and confidence.


New in Version 3 are hrgems created forms.   We provide a few basic forms such as employment applications, performance appraisals and reference limits to give you a few ideas.  You can create any form you wish using our suite of tools.

  • Benefits and Uses  With our system, almost anything is possible.  Any form that you send within your company or to customers, patients, students or prospective employees can be created online saving you time and money.  The advantage with hrgems is that you can use these forms to collect information and have a record of it instantly.

    Your recruiting, marketing and other processes will benefit from speedy and efficient turnaround in hiring, market/customer research and internal employee evaluations.  Many companies are frustrated with poor record keeping in processing employee performance appraisals, instituting promotions, raises, and other employee incentives would benefit from using to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

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