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Success Story #2


A group of specialized health care clinics have mandatory training requirements to test their workers’ knowledge of certain safety procedures on a semi-annual basis.  Their objectives were to simplify the delivery of this test from a cumbersome manual system to an easy, trackable and inexpensive method and to be able to easily transfer the results to their employee records database.


At one clinic, the principal manager responsible for internal education met with a consultant from Expert Web Advisors, a professional services firm experienced with, to design the initial pilot test.

On paper, these tests are taken “open book” style.   On, the test was setup with the appropriate passages from the safety pamphlet presented and followed by relevant questions to affirm that the health care worker had read and understood the text.  Expert Web Advisors entered the test for the training manager and assisted in the launch to a small pilot group of users.

The pilot successfully met all of its objectives:   1-The test was easy to follow for the end user; 2-The status of each test was easily accessible (completed, not completed); 3-The costs were extremely low; 4-The results section on was very detailed and easily transferred to the clinic’s employee records.  The training manager was delighted with the way results were presented.  The clinics are audited to ensure they are complying with health and safety procedures and that they are training their workers.  Having the results directly transferred into records is a very big time saver for the training manager.

The training manager entered a second safety procedure “open book” test with the assistance of an on-site consultant.    The clinics are currently planning a larger pilot and expect to be using on a regular basis soon after the pilot’s completion.


The many features offered by hrgems enabled the training manager to create a test that included long passages and bulleted lists and thus ensured that important knowledge was transferred to the health care workers.  Creating the tests was quick and easy.  The results data provided the training manager with the ability to quickly identify those workers requiring additional training and to preserve the testing records for auditing purposes.