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Success Story #1


A graduate student in marketing at a major university needed to conduct a survey and collect data from members of the University community to help find trends among the segments of the population to increase attendance at lower-profile sports.


The graduate student met with the hrgems staff that assisted her in entering her instrument.  The survey contained various types of questions (in hrgems’ terms “items”) including multiple choices with one answer or multiple answers.  The customer noted that:

“My project was slightly different than what the software [hrgems] had been created for, because I wanted to be able to survey unspecified respondents, and I wanted to be able to perform my own statistical analyses.    The hrgems staff eagerly took on the challenge of this new application, and were communicative and helpful throughout the process.”

“I am very glad that I decided to help beta test hrgems with my project.    I ended up with almost 400 respondents, and I was able to perform analyses and make recommendations that I believe with help my clients”

“The care given to me by the whole hrgems team provided me with peace of mind…”

Within a day of sending out the survey requests, hrgems had collected over 200 completed surveys and nearly 400 completed surveys in one week.


The many features offered by hrgems enabled the student to create a survey suited to her special needs.    She was also able to begin collection and analysis of data within minutes of sending out her survey requests.    The high response rate provided her with more complete and accurate data.