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Quick and Easy Pilot Solution


A quick and easy pilot for a business that wants to get up and running with smoothly and efficiently. The pilot solution will provide assistance and training to the clientís internal personnel.


The pilot will provide the following:

  • Training and assistance in creating the clientís hrgems account including administrator setup, adding funds and creating groups
  • Assistance in the creation of two instruments (surveys, tests or assessments)
  • Training and assistance in launching these instruments to a set group of users or individuals and re-launching the instruments.
  • Training and assistance in viewing, analyzing, downloading and using the instrument results.
  • Knowledge transfer and documentation of activities to client personnel.
  • A basic administratorís user manual.

The pilot solution will require at least one person from the client company to work with the consultant. The client resource will need a workstation connected to the Internet. The fee for these services will be $595.