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Knowledge Transfer

This very useful type of instrument is used to train people and to enhance learning.  It isn't a separate class.Rather, it is built using the test or assessment type with the items (questions) related to passages of text from the appropriate training material.   For example, you can paste some text and graphics from a Fire Safety manual into the Passage Text box and have some questions related to that text to ensure and document that the respondent both read and understood the text provided.

  • Benefits and Uses  Many manufacturers, health service and food service industries have state and national safety requirements to review their safety procedures with their personnel on an annual or semi-annual basis and to ensure that these personnel know how to react in case of emergencies as well as their daily safety for themselves and/or their customers.  The state and national authorities also require that records be kept of the employees who have reviewed and been tested on these requirements.  By using an Knowledge Transfer instrument, the company can ensure that these requirements are met and have the data for their record keeping as may be required for audit/inspections.

    Using Knowledge Transfer an HR department can document that their employees understand company policies and procedures.

    Companies can also provide training to their customers and vendors using Knowledge Transfer instruments.

Sample Knowledge Transfer

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