General FAQ's

Q. What is

A. provides an extensive suite of tools and infrastructure so that you can build, present and tabulate data from any kind of knowledge transfer instrument, assessment, test, or survey. You can create your own instruments or use third-party instruments through our Library. If you have instruments you would like others to use you can either give them away or sell them through our Library. (For information about placing your intellectual property in our library contact: collects your data and makes it available to you through your own private account. You can either view your data online or download it for use in your own applications.

Everything is hosted through Nothing needs to loaded on company or respondent computers. All that is required to use is a browser and a connection to the Internet. is optimized for low bandwidth connections and makes excellent use of high bandwidth when available. is entirely self-service and even provides you with a free user guide. However, if you would like assistance with your projects we can help you with professional services. Contact

Q. How much does it cost?

A. is very low cost and you only pay for what you use. The base charge is $1.00 (one dollar US) per respondent. There are no charges for downloading or viewing your data. We also provide other optional services for small additional fees.

Q. Isn't there a license fee or a maintenance fee?

A. There is NO separate license fee, maintenance fee, or membership fee to use You can register and create an account on and receive the user guide for FREE.

Q. How do I pay for the services I use?


You pay for the services you want to use by putting money in your account before you use the service. You can put money in your account using a credit card or by sending a check to Certain companies can be approved for use of purchase orders.

If you would like to pre-pay by check or make a request for approval to use purchase orders you can send the check or request to our business office:
1965 Riverside Drive
Trenton, MI 48183

Q. How does work with my training programs?

A. is a complete service and provides all the infrastructure needed to create, deploy, present, gather data, and tabulate the responses. However, you can easily download the data in tab delimited format for use in any other application or database.

Q. My company uses assessments or tests from another vendor so how would fit in?

A. Your vendor could deploy their intellectual property for your use (and their other customers as well!) through It makes no difference whether they only have a paper version or have already web enabled their instruments. They can work with and we are happy to work with them. Please contact us at:

Q. My company outsources all our assessments and tests to an outside service. Could they use to deliver their instruments to us?

A. Yes, they can! is designed to allow consultants and any third party service to provide their services and instruments using We provide a variety of methodologies and flexibility in the way data is gathered and presented based upon customer and client needs.

Q. I have an assessment, test, survey, or form that I think others would like to use. How can I use to provide this for others? Can I make money with my instrument?


By placing your instrument in the library you can choose to make it available to others. You can choose to offer your instrument without fee or you can set a fee for use.

If you set a fee, will collect the fee every time the instrument is used and your account will be credited less a small handling and processing charge. Depending on the volume, you will receive a check either quarterly or monthly.

Q. I want to use in my organization, but I need some help. Can help me?

A. Yes! We offer training and professional services. We also have third party associates who offer other services. Contact us through:

Q. Why does use the term Experience and instrument? What do they mean?


The term "instrument" simply means a single knowledge transfer instrument, assessment, test, or survey. It could be any of these types and instrument is a single generic term.

We coined the term Experience to describe what a respondent experiences. It may consist of a single instrument or a suite of instruments. has patents pending on the ways we present and combine these instruments into the single Experience the respondent sees and responds to.

Q. How do I use more than one instrument with one respondent?

A. You can combine several instruments into a suite. The instruments within a suite can be combined by rules so that a different Experience is tailored for respondents based upon their responses and scores.

Q. Can I skip parts of my survey based upon answers to specific questions?

A. Yes, enables the responses to specific questions to enable sections to be skipped or included so that the respondent's Experience is continuous and complete. They simply do not see the irrelevant portions.

Q. I need to present graphics as part of a question. How do I do that?

A. supports the presentation of digital images within the question (item) itself. Images can also be included as responses.

Additionally, supports the use of logos or corporate images as part of the instrument. charges one cent ($0.01 US) per 10k of graphics in addition to the $1.00 per respondent charge.

Q. I would like to have my instrument hosted on its own web page, but I can't get my internal IT department to commit resources to get it done in time. Does have a way to help me?


Yes! Our Entrypage feature allows you to instantly create a customized web page that can host your instruments. You can see a sample Entrypage on our "See For Yourself" page.

One of the great reasons to use an Entrypage is that you can change the instrument you are using through it without have to change the URL your respondents use.

Entrypages are very affordable. They cost $25 to create and $10 per month to host.

Q. Can I customize my instruments with company colors and logos?

A. Absolutely! You have full control over the color scheme used. We also enable you to use two logos or digital images with each instrument as well as within the Entrypage.

Q. Is there a manual for


Yes. When you first register you are asked if you would like our user guide emailed to you. Also, at any time you can have a copy emailed to you by clicking on the User Guide button on the Admin Control Panel.

We update the manual with each release.

Q. I have a suggestion on how you can improve your site. How can I tell you about it?

A. We are anxious to hear your comments and suggestions. We learn from our customers and implement as many ideas as we can in each release. Please click on the "Make a Suggestion" button on the home page.

Q. Can I create forms using For example, can I collect employment applications from around the country using your service?

A. Yes. You can create your own. We will also be adding form templates to our Library that you can use or edit and tailor to your specific needs.