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An assessment is scored with weighted values for each answer with no right or wrong answers.   These weighted responses can be distributed among several categories that taken together provide the assessment.   Examples of assessments are the Keirsey Temperament Classifier, Salesmanship assessments, people skills assessments, and self-evaluations for managers.  Although they are often called "surveys", 360 surveys are really assessments because the answers are analyzed according to a weighted scale and are used to help assess some aspect of performance.

  • Benefits and Uses  Mid-size and large corporations place an emphasis on training and evaluating their management teams at all levels.  Using a 360 assessment with confidentially for all concerned provides a unique opportunity for honest evaluations of performance and managerial styles and provides corporations with feedback on their current or proposed manager training programs.

    Assessments are also very useful in measuring skills mastery.  By analyzing the gaps between a person's actual and desired proficiency it is possible to provide focused efforts and resources to build the desired competencies.

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