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"The scalability, flexibility, and functionality provided by were instrumental to our project and directly contributed to its success."
MAP team 54, Univ. of Michigan Business School

"We at Borders Books & Music have found to be a valuable and cost-effective service."
Dan Smith, VP HR, Borders Books & Music Services
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Knowledge Transfer




Entry Page benefits for key executives

Knowledge Transfer

Know the business pulse of employees, customers and suppliers. Measure attitudes and perceptions.

The right people in key positions improves profits

Know organizations knowledge level of critical information

Teach important information to all levels in the organization


Know employee knowledge level of mandatory policies and critical information.

Reduce employee turnover costs

Know employee competencies

Teach financial policies and techniques


Know employee understanding of IT policies and procedures

Determine candidate’s skill and knowledge level before hiring them

Know employee understanding of company IT policies

Teach technical policies and techniques

VP Sales

Know customer and sales force hot buttons

Hire a success driven sales team

Know sales team product and sales technique understanding

Teach product knowledge and sales programs

VP Marketing

Know customer and potential customer opinions to better target messages

Place the right people in key positions

Know employee’s understanding of products, services and programs

Teach marketing programs to the right people in the organization

VP Human Resources

Know employee attitudes regarding workplace changes, benefits or merger effects

Determine prospective employee aptitude, skill level and predictive behavior for every position

Know employee’s awareness of company policy and regulatory requirements for their level in the business

Teach appropriate learning to every employee